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Samsung BN59-00611A

  • Samsung BN59-00611A
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Model: 13302
Manufactured by: Replacement
Replacement for Samsung BN59-00611A - Replaces all functions of the original remote control - No programming neccessary!

Fits for:
Samsung LE32M86BC
Samsung LE32M86BD
Samsung LE32M87BD
Samsung LE32R86BC
Samsung LE32R86BD
Samsung LE32R87BD
Samsung LE32R88BD
Samsung LE32R89BD
Samsung LE37M86BC
Samsung LE37M86BD
Samsung LE37M87BD
Samsung LE37R86BC
Samsung LE37R86BD
Samsung LE37R87BD
Samsung LE37R88BD
Samsung LE37R89BD
Samsung LE40M86BC
Samsung LE40M86BD
Samsung LE40M87BD
Samsung LE40N86BD
Samsung LE40N87BC
Samsung LE40N87BD
Samsung LE40R86BC
Samsung LE40R86BD
Samsung LE40R87BD
Samsung LE40R88BD
Samsung LE40R89BD
Samsung LE46M86BC
Samsung LE46M86BD
Samsung LE46M87BD
Samsung LE46N87BC
Samsung LE46N87BD
Samsung LE52M86BC
Samsung LE52M86BD
Samsung LE52M87BD
Samsung PS42A417C2D
Samsung PS-42Q96HC
Samsung PS-42Q96HD
Samsung PS-42Q97HD
Samsung PS-50P96FDR
Samsung PS-50P96FD
Samsung PS-50Q96HC
Samsung PS-50Q96HD
Samsung PS-50Q97HD
Samsung PS-58P96FDR
Samsung PS-58P96FD
Samsung PS-63P76FDR
Samsung PS-63P76FD

Technical Details

Type: Replacement remotefits for: Samsung BN59-00611AEAN: : 4260237191636 Customs Tariff Number: : 8543709099