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Samsung BN59-00706A

  • Samsung BN59-00706A
  • Samsung BN59-00706A
  • Samsung BN59-00706A
  • Samsung BN59-00706A
Next estimated shipment: 09/02/2024 [1000 pcs.]

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Model: 311443
Manufactured by: SeKi
Replacement for Samsung BN59-00706A - Replaces all functions of the original remote control.No programming neccessary!

Fits for:
Samsung LE32A656A1C
Samsung LE32A656A1F
Samsung LE32A659A1F
Samsung LE32A676A1M
Samsung LE32A676A1W
Samsung LE32A756R1F
Samsung LE32A766R1W
Samsung LE37A615A3F
Samsung LE37A616A3F
Samsung LE37A626A3M
Samsung LE37A656A1C
Samsung LE37A656A1F
Samsung LE37A659A1F
Samsung LE37A676A1M
Samsung LE37A676A1W
Samsung LE37A686M1F
Samsung LE37A696M1W
Samsung LE40A615A3F
Samsung LE40A616A3F
Samsung LE40A626A3M
Samsung LE40A656A1C
Samsung LE40A656A1F
Samsung LE40A659A1F
Samsung LE40A676A1M
Samsung LE40A676A1W
Samsung LE40A686M1F
Samsung LE40A696M1M
Samsung LE40A696M1W
Samsung LE40A786R2F
Samsung LE40A789R2F
Samsung LE40A796R2M
Samsung LE40A796R2W
Samsung LE46A656A1C
Samsung LE46A656A1F
Samsung LE46A659A1F
Samsung LE46A676A1M
Samsung LE46A676A1W
Samsung LE46A686M1F
Samsung LE46A696M1M
Samsung LE46A696M1W

Technical Details

Type: Replacement remotefits for: Samsung BN59-00706AEAN: : 4053171999723 Customs Tariff Number: : 8543709099