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SeKi Care

  • SeKi Care
  • SeKi Care
  • SeKi Care
  • SeKi Care
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Model: 312111
Manufactured by: SeKi
available variations
SeKi Care has a plastic foil keypad, which makes cleaning of the remote very easy, and allows copying SeKi remotes in a very easy way.

- Learnable universal remote control for audio-video devices
- Not pre-programmed -needs working remote to learn from-
- Plastic foil keypad for easy cleaning
- Very easy to handle
- Easy to copy by using master-slave-copy
- Perfect for hospitals and special-care homes
- Keeps settings during battery change

Technical Details

Type: Learnable remotefits for: All IR - remotesSpecial Feature: Washable foil surfaceEAN: : 4053171997071 Customs Tariff Number: : 8543709099